Driving range Tesla using their superchargers

DATA VAN DE DAG - If you have a Tesla you need to charge in order to get somewhere. Normal charging takes time. So Tesla provides superchargers. Using only these superchargers, where can you go in the world?

dinsdag 26 april 2016 | DVDD, Verkeer, Auto, english

We've used the data from Tesla and filtered all stations fitted with one or more superchargers. These stations have coordinates we can put on a map.
We assumed that the normal driving range of a Tesla is 300 kilometers. To prevent Tesla drivers from being stranded too far from a supercharger, the range from one supercharger is 150 kilometers, otherwise you can't drive back in time.

In the real world Tesla cars don't fly. So it's not possible to drive 150 kilometers in a straight line. So we assumed that on average it would be closer to 125 kilometers.

Using Open Streetmap (thanks!) and Leaflet (thanks again!) we've plotted all the superchargers and a circle with a radius of 125 kilometers around them. So now you can see which part of the world you can safely explore with your Tesla.

Here's the interactive version.

Update (April 27th): by special request a version with a range of 250km (no turning back).

Using superchargers only for 20 minutes, taking the basic model S, the range is about 140 miles.

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