Europol reports: Terrorism in the EU 2006-2016

Less terrorism attacks but still many casualties last year according to the yearly Europol report. We've updated our charts.

maandag 19 juni 2017 | english, Terrorisme, Europa

With 142 the number of terrorism attacks is at the lowest level since reporting by Europol begin in 2006. But the number of attacks from Seperatists and ethno-nationalists has risen again to 99. Three quarters of those attacks come from dissident Republican groups related to the Northern Ireland issue. [top most graph]

But even with the low number of attacks, the number of people killed was still 135. Together with 2015 this marks the second very violent year in the EU since the Madrid (2004) and London (2005) bombings. [graph at the bottom]

Again more than a thousand terrorism related arrests were made. And a record number of people (533) were convicted of terrorism or the preparation.

Over 70% of all arrests are related to Jihadist terrorism.

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