Evolution of car color in North America since 2000

DATA VAN DE DAG - After publishing our chart on the evolution of the color of cars on the Dutch roads, request came in to do a simular chart for North America. We found the data and created it.

woensdag 16 maart 2016 | DVDD, english, Auto

DuPont and later Axalta have a survey each year. It dates back to just after 1950. But only usable versions from 2000 on of the report can be found online.

Based on these reports, we've created the chart above. It shows for each year the distribution of colors used on new cars for the North American market.

The popularity of black and white almost double in 15 years time. But green went from a share of almost 9% to just 2%.

For producing this chart we combined some colors that where mentioned separatly in some reports. Like dark red and bright red all went to red.

A static version can be found here.

Update (17-3-2016): Matt Chambers (Sir Viz-a-Lot) used our data to create a different perspective. This time it shows the popularity ranking over time. We've embedded his Tableau version below.

Update (21-3-2016): Here's a link to a spreadsheet (Excel, 2011) with the collected data and several sources found.

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