World population distribution by latitude and longitude - 2015

DATA VAN DE DAG - There are well cited graphs on the distribution of people based on latitude and longitude, but they use data from 2000. We've created an update version after being nudged on Twitter.

woensdag 21 september 2016 | DVDD, english, Bevolking

We used the data from SEDAC / CIESIN. It's a gridded set with a count of people for roughly every square kilometer on earth.

The dark lines you see represent the total amount of people on either that latitude (vertical axis) or longitude (horizontal axis).

The changes compared to 2000 are not that visible. But the northern hemisphere got an even larger and there's a shift to the east.

At the bottom we added a chart with the density. This is the population divide by the landarea for the particular latitude/longitude.

The map used is from Wikipedia.

Update 5-5-2020: There is a new version with 2020 data.

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