Worldwide terrorism 1970-2015

To complete our series on terrorism we created an overview on worldwide terrorism since 1970.

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First graph, on top, shows the number of attacks, the number of people killed and wounded per year.

At the bottom you can see the breakdown per region (with data). In the seventies (Western) Europe was the main stage for terrorism. It shifted to Central America in the eighties and then to South America in the late eighties.
These days the Middle East and East Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan) are the focus of terrorists.

Here's another view on the same data:

One of our readers wondered if terrorism became more violent. This is hard to tell. But we created an average for casualties (wounded + killed) per year. In this graph there seems to be a upward trend. The peaks in 1998 and 2004 we cannot explain.

Data: Global Terrorism Database van Start.

Number of terrorism attacks per region

Central America & Caribbean75361194524199609107011489968586817803935664955033167292121018016811611718148385354091111451
Central, East + Southeast Asia, Australasia, Oceania12710471914127910288544635611381141732662214472424306325026131524966136296224120158107217280368574601483366601120711261098
Middle East & North Africa29553519424455211128455437312291334268133196202246464494612119320910515903735502473162723623272954878841179138515351361146316622411454569175955
North America472247696411115912514911779757686476744533530433740413710294111137365641483333122115193115241235313462
South America652420838155911192222363193836399501492104011841265104113851076132212048537325551777410813415022916211742495047144159148106133179281175
South Asia101124422341223206324416127334880092660167754560376105173749013622535538533235336960393898117431946197821353800460649904568
Sub-Saharan Africa32047121029461245898601061261411851743372914502715715543323921727987143192162121733559114302380283330494115698923061935

1993 data is not complete. The Start database for that year was lost. Data used is an reconstruction.

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Terrorism in Iraq 2006-2015

A map circulated on Twitter with the statement that is showed all car bombings in Baghdad for the last 10 years. It was a viral hoax. We've constructed a map with data for the 10 years between 2006 and 2015 with all known locations and number of attacks in Iraq.

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Terrorism attacks in Turkey 1970-2016

DATA VAN DE DAG - Yesterday in a terrorism attack on the Ataturk Airport in Turkey at least 44 were killed. Terrorism seems to be on the rise there. We gathered the data to give the long term perspective.

dinsdag 26 juli 2016 | Terrorisme, english