Europol terrorism data

Each year Europol publishes a report on terrorism in the EU. We’ve gathered the data from all years available and created several graphs based on it.

Please not that in these graphs we have exclude the UK now, even for the years that they were still in the EU. this was done to make the data a bit more comparable over the years shown.

First a graph with a count of all attacks per year, split per cause (stacked bar chart).

Graph showing number of terrorism attacks in the EU since 2006, per cause.
Total number declined from almost 600 in 2007 to 28 last year.
Up to 2015 most attacks came from seperatists and ethno-nationalists.
After that year left wing and jihadists are major contributors. Except in 2021 (No left wing).
The UK is excluded from this data, even for the years they still were member of the EU.
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